Spanish Numbers

Learn your spanish numbers

There is no way to avoid speaking Spanish without learning some numbers. Below is a list of the most commonly used numbers and a few rules and exceptions that you will need to be aware of. 


  1. A  couple of things to remember: All the numbers after 30 i.e. 31, 32, 33 have the format (treinta + y + number). The same pattern occurs for 40 (cuarenta) and then 41 (cuarenta y uno),  42 (cuarenta y dos), 43 (cuarenta y tres) etc…

2. The numbers in the teens follow an irregular pattern. You will just have to memorize these forms i.e. catorce, quince, dieciseis, diecisiete, dieciocho, etc..

3. A quick example of how to say a large number. In order to say, 1,450,038, you would say un million cuatrocientos cincuenta mil treinta y ocho.


  one uno
  two dos
  three tres
  four cuatro
  five cinco
   six   seis
  seven  Siete
  eight ocho
   nine   nueve
  ten  diez
  eleven once
  twelve doce
  thirteen trece
  fourteen catorce
  fifteen quince
  sixteen dieciséis
  seventeen  diecisiete
  eighteen dieciocho
  nineteen  diecinueve
  twenty veinte
  twenty one veintiuno
  twenty two veintidós
  twenty three veintitres
  twenty four veinticuatro
  twenty five veinticinco
  twenty six veintiseis
  twenty seven veintisiete
  twenty eight veintiocho
  twenty nine veintinueve
  thirty treinta
  thirty one treinta y uno
  thirty two treinta y dos
  thirty three treinta y tres
  thirty four treinta y cuatro
  thirty five treinta y cinco
  thirty six treinta y seis
  thirty seven treinta y siete
  thirty eight treinta y ocho
  thirty nine treinta y nueve
  forty cuarenta
  forty one cuarenta y uno
  forty two cuarenta y dos
  fifty cincuenta
  sixty sesenta
  seventy setenta
  eighty ochenta
  ninety noventa
  one hundred cien
  two hundred doscientos
  three hundred trescientos
  four hundred cuatrocientos
  five hundred quinientos
  six hundred seiscientos
  seven hundred setecientos
  eight hundred ochocientos
  nine hundred novecientos
  one thousand mil
  two thousand dos mil
  three thousand tres mil
  four thousand cuatro mil
  five thousand cinco mil
  six thousand seis mil
  seven thousand siete mil
  eight thousand ocho mil
  nine thousand nueve mil
  ten thousand diez mil
  one hundred thousand cien mil
  two hundred thousand doscientos mil
  one million un millón
  ten million diez millones
  one hundred million cien millones
  billion mil millones
  trillion trillón
  quadrillion cuatrillón
  quintrillion quintrillion
  sextillion sextillion
  septillion  septillion
  octillion octillion
  nonillion no millones
  decillion decillion